Greater Savannah Girls Travel Program

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Club Profile

Through our practice structure and specific drills, we aim to teach our players the most efficient way to conquer the technical skills of the sport. How seasons are planned, how competition is structured, how coaches conduct their practices, and how kids are engaged on the field is all informed by the underlying operating system of the Lacrosse Athlete Development Model and the Gulls Program.

Summer 2023

Season Starts May 2nd - Register by April 1st to save $50 by using the code "earlybird"!

Please make sure to get your USA Lacrosse Number for Registration!


High School - 2024/2025 & 2026/2027


Players are now fine tuning their lacrosse skills under a variety of competitive conditions in a game format that mirrors adult play. Along with continued refinement of advanced techniques, players work to develop their tactical awareness, discipline and mental toughness. They are honing their performance in competition during this stage.


Middle School - 2028/2029


Players learn advanced technical skills and position-specific techniques. The major focus is on applying skills, strategies and tactics from practice to competitive situations.


Youth - 2030-2032


This is the “golden age” of learning and sport skill development. Children become less self-centered and are able to reflect on their actions and learn from their mistakes. This is the optimal time to learn and build a large repertoire of lacrosse-specific skills and learn the basic principles of play in a fun, challenging environment. Players sample many physical activities and sports in addition to lacrosse.


Beth Schminke

Girls Lacrosse Director