Gulls - Lower School

10U (2031-2033)

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Foundation Stage

This is the “golden age” of learning and sport skill development. Children become less self-centered and are able to reflect on their actions and learn from their mistakes. This is the optimal time to learn and build a large repertoire of lacrosse-specific skills and learn the basic principles of play in a fun, challenging environment. Players sample many physical activities and sports in addition to lacrosse.

Season Center

May 2 - June 18



Practices: Begin May 2nd

Where: Daffin Park, Savannah

When: Tues/Thurs 5:30-7:30 pm



Scrimmage w/ LM Rapids

When: TBD

Where: Lake Murray, SC

Palmetto Jamboree

When: May 13

Where: Charleston, SC

Palmetto Lax Classic

When: June 17/18

Where: Ravenel, SC

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Committed to giving our coaches the best possible coaching education--education that makes them effective teachers of the game for the age and developmental stage in which they coach. We sharpen the tools into coaches’ hands that make it easy for them to help kids learn the game in a fun, developmentally appropriate way.


Hitting the wall is a necessity for lacrosse players to practice their stick handling. Watch this video to make sure we're doing it right!

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The current youth lacrosse development model rushes to identify the best players at early ages, and leaves potential players behind with limited opportunity to play. The LADM aim is to keep more players engaged with the sport longer, allowing the best players to emerge as they reach physical maturity.


Next Spring Starts Now

As one playing season comes to an end, it's important for young players to take a proper break before jumping into the next season. Here are some tips to prepare your athlete for long-term success in lacrosse.