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Top Left Lacrosse Camps/Clinics Testimonies

Lacrosse was the very first sport that our older son started to play. Now, we are all passionate about lacrosse with all 3 kids highly involved in the oldest sport in North America. The programs in Savannah offer great flexibility, support, and evolving challenges for lacrosse athletes to develop. We started with the initial clinics offered by Coastal Empire Lacrosse, where my older son was highly inspired by Coach Dan Umbel at age 7 and we continued with Coastal Empire Lacrosse until the boys were able to participate in traveling teams. At present, the Golden Hares Traveling Team program provides the boys more opportunities to compete and to practice at a competitive level. The coaches provide optimal training, both, at the team level, as well as with private sessions. It is a great time to join the sport of lacrosse as it is exponentially growing in Savannah. Needless to say, it is the best sport my children have chosen to play as they grow!

-Georgescu Family

Both our sons’ (12 & 15) experience with Coastal Empire and Golden Hare’s lacrosse programs has been fantastic. Our boys started with the fundamentals programs in the 4th grade. Since that time under the guidance of the coaches, their skills and passion for the sport have grown exponentially. We have been involved in the spring, summer and fall travel seasons for many years. All of the events are well organized. The coaches are extremely knowledgeable and supportive. Coaching is done in a positive manner with a focus player development. Teamwork, sportsmanship and respect are emphasized. Anyone interested in lacrosse for their son or daughter should take a serious look Coastal Empire and Golden Hares lacrosse programs. Our boys would rather be nowhere else than on the lacrosse field with their teammates.

-The Wilson family

My son has been playing with Top Left Lacrosse for 5 years, since first grade. It is an awesome program that continues to get better and better. He came in with no prior knowledge and now won't put his stick down. Most of that is due to the amazing coaching staff and how well the program has progressed. Christian has brought passion through knowledge and determination and runs an amazing program

-Dunne Family

When our boys said they wanted to play lacrosse, we laughed a little since they knew nothing about the sport. However, after 1 weekend camp, they were hooked! They’ve tried baseball, football and soccer but never felt that it was really “their” sport. Lacrosse has provided them with a broad range of benefits both internally and externally. While building cardiovascular endurance is very important, the positive mental impact that lacrosse gives our boys has been huge. Not only have their grades improved, but their attitude towards life is much better, also. Respect for their peers, teamwork, and passion are being instilled each practice and game. This can be attributed to the fantastic coaching staff of the Golden Hares Travel Teams, Coastal Empire Lacrosse, and to the great friendships that are being developed. The lacrosse community in Savannah is truly becoming a family because of the well organized programs that Christian Harris continues to implement. With his hard work and dedication, the game is definitely growing in our area. Our family has definitely embraced lacrosse wholeheartedly and love every minute of it. We’re looking forward to many more exciting years in this sport!

- Strickland Family

My son has been playing lacrosse (first with Coastal Empire and now with the Hares) since he was 6 years old. We have been in the Savannah lacrosse family for so many years and have witnessed wonderful growth. I cannot say enough positive words for the dedication these groups show and the sportsmanship they foster. The coaches and staff have helped raise my son to be a better person!

-Kelly D

Coastal Empire Overnight Camp Featuring Army Staff Testimonials

Even though I wasn't there for the whole camp, what I saw I was impressed with. And you are right about Coach Alberici's closing statement. It was great. I especially liked the part about giving 100% 100% of the time, not just on the field but in all aspects of your life. I thanked Coach for this and told him that sometimes parents can say the same thing until they are blue in the face but when a coach or mentor says it, a light bulb goes on and they act like it's the first time they've heard it. (You're too old to remember and Connor's too young for it to happen to you. But mark my word, it will.) You always hear the phrase 'Give me 110%' and Coach was right, you can't do that. But you can give 100% 100% of the time.

Tina G., Parent

As a former elite travel-team Baseball Coach who has attended several baseball camps, I am very familiar with what constitutes a successful camp. After watching several sessions of the recent Army LAX Camp hosted by Coastal Empire Lacrosse at AASU, I was very impressed with what I witnessed. In addition to the increase in my son Liam's level of play, I saw other players whose skills were markedly improved as well. Coach Alberici and his staff were first class! They not only coached & instructed the players on improving their abilities but also coupled that with motivational components regarding character and what it takes to be a leader on and off the field.

The entire program was organized and conducted in an extremely professional manner. The facility, drills, scrimmages and personalized level of instruction were absolutely first rate. We can't wait till next year's camp!

Tom Cunningham, Parent

Coach Alberici and his staff are obviously quality men. Their coaching goes beyond just learning how to play the game. Whether your son is a serious, committed player or new to the sport, this camp is worth the investment to just expose your son to the leadership example set by Coach Al and the staff. As a bonus, your kid will get great instruction on how to play the game."

Steve Beauvais, Parent