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Lacrosse is a gift and we want to share it. We love to teach it, we love to watch it, we love to play it and we love to be in a community that shares that love. We teach the game the way it is supposed to be played and love to watch the process of growth and development. We get excited when we see a goal in a field in the middle of nowhere because we know that means there's a community who loves lacrosse there. We will do our part to try and put a stick in every kids' hands and give them an opportunity to experience this game for themselves.

We grow the game for the love of the game.


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Year Round Leagues/Clinics

Spring Teams

Summer Programs

Army Camp Website.png

Boys Sweetlax Academy Overnight Lacrosse Camp

All Skill Levels K-12th Grade

Speed Leagues Website.png

Boys & Girls Speed Lacrosse Leagues

Boys and Girls Beginners K - 4th Grade!

Sixes Leagues.png

Boys Summer Sixes League - Savannah

Boys Intermediate to Experienced Boys in Grades 6th+

Fall Programs

Speed Leagues Website.png

Boys & Girls Fall Speed Leagues

Boys and Girls Beginners and Intermediate Players K - 4th Grade!

Sixes Leagues.png

Boys Fall Sixes Rec League

Boys Intermediate to Experienced Boys in Grades 3rd-12th

Winter Programs

Box Leagues Website.png

Boys Box League

Intermediate to Experienced Boys in Grades 4th-12th

Speed Leagues Website.png

Boys & Girls Speed Lacrosse Leagues

Boys and Girls K - 4th Grade!


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Our Mission

To provide a positive, instruction oriented program for boys and girls new to the sport of lacrosse and provide advanced skill training and scrimmage play to those who are experienced players. Our seasoned coaches want to teach the technical skills of lacrosse while providing an opportunity for personal development. We believe that lacrosse should be fun for the players but provide a foundation for building character that will instill teamwork, discipline, integrity, sportsmanship and respect to other players, coaches and parents.

Our Goal

To build relationships and bring individuals together who are committed to preserving the integrity and tradition of boys and girls lacrosse. We want to provide boys and girls with access to lacrosse opportunities and create lasting friendships through lacrosse in our community. We want every player who comes into the Coastal Empire program to leave with a smile on their face, knowing that they learned something and had fun, regardless if they continue to play or not. Lacrosse is fun!

Our Values

Safety - Player Safety is First and Foremost, Always

Servitude - We are here to serve the players that we have; their growth as young men/women and as lacrosse players

Respect - We respect the game, opponents, teammates, officials, parents, and ourselves

Warrior Spirit - If there is a job to do, we give it our all and get it done as a team

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